If you are looking for gorgeous home decor Serena and Lily is a great choice, but if it’s out of your budget we have you covered.

I am excited to share with you some items to get the Serena and Lily look for your home, at a fraction of the price!

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La Jolla Basket

Who doesn’t loves a good basket, am I right? You may have had your eye on the oh so popular La Jolla baskets from Serena & Lily. They are not only functional but stylish too!

la jolla basket in the bedroom
Large La Jolla Basket

I actually own several that we use as both laundry hampers and toy storage. I will testify that the quality is amazing, and I own one of each size.

I particularly love the lid on these gorgeous baskets; it means you can hide all your dirty laundry or storage items, and keep your space looking aesthetically pleasing.

What’s not popular about these baskets are the price tag. But have no fear, we have the perfect basket with similar style for you!

The TJ Maxx and Marshall’s version (available in large, medium and small sizes) comes in the same natural color as the original solid La Jolla, but they usually have a green stripe or blue stripe in store, too.

I own a small version of the green stripe and the quality is really good! The lid doesn’t fit as well as the S& L version, but for a considerably lower price point, I’ll get over it!

If the baskets are currently unavailable online, be sure to check your local HomeGoods and Marshall’s stores. I see them there every week!

La Jolla Option #2

Another option, is this set from Amazon which is identical to the S&L La Jollas, but you can get both the small and medium as a set for just over $200. The reviews are awesome so I’m pretty sure it’s the same product with a different name!

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Surf Stripe Pillow

surf stripe pillow and amazon's similar version
Surf Stripe Pillow // Amazon Look For Less

Beach Stripe Pillow

beach stripe pillow and amazon's similar version
Beach Stripe Pillow // Amazon Look For Less

Palm Pillow Cover

palm pillow and etsy's similar version
Palm Pillow // Etsy Version

Bring a little fun tropical design to your decor with this gorgeous pillow cover. This pillow is an exact match to the S & L Palm pillow cover, and it comes in a variety of sizes. So you can customize what you need for your space!

You’ll notice the only difference is how the edges of the pillow are sewed, but for the price difference, I think you won’t mind!

Gingham Pillow Cover

gingham pillow and amazon's similar version
Perennials Gingham Pillow // Etsy Version

We love a good gingham patterned pillow. You can pair this pattern with florals, stripes, or even patterned pillow covers. Pillows are a decor staple, and you can have fun with designs and textures. They add a little charm to any space.

Montecito Pillow Cover

Montecito Pillow / TJ Maxx version

The TJ Maxx version for the Montecito pillow comes in and out of stock regularly, so keep an eye out. I bougth the dupe a few years ago at my local TJ Maxx store and I’ve been happy with the look (for a lot less!)

Beachcomber Cotton Throw

Beachcomber Cotton Throw // Walmart Version

Having good throw blankets is a must in our home. Sometimes you just want to cuddle up, and read a good book. This blanket is almost spot on for its counterpart, the powdery blue Beachcomber Cotton Throw.

It looks cozy with its fringe and waffle weave design. Get ready to cozy up on any chair or sofa in your home with this gorgeous blanket!

Kitchen Seating

Balboa Side Chair

Balboa Armchair // Walmart Version

These Serena and Lily side chair lookalike has a very smilier texture and fun rustic look to it. Want to know the best part? You get two of the cheaper chair for less then one S & L Balboa chair.

If the Walmart version is out of stock, the TJ Maxx Version is also really popular and regularly is in stock, plus it’s also a set of 2 for less than $400!

Balboa Counter Stool

When we remodeled our kitchen, one of must-haves was the Balboa Counter Stools from Serena & Lily. They are stunning – and SO comfortable!

But the hefty price tag was a hard pill to swallow. This similar chair that I found at Wayfair will be back in stock next month and half the price of the S&L version. Enter your email address to be notified as soon as they are back in stock because they will sell out quickly.

Balboa Counter Stool // Walmart Version

Yes – you will need to buy cushions (cheap fix!) and they don’t have the gold details on the bottom, but they are a really great similar style for a fraction of the price.

The Walmart version is usually in stock (and has the best price) but if it’s currently unavailable, this is the exact same Balboa dupe on Wayfair.

Carson Counter Stool

Carson Woven Counter Stools // TJ Maxx Version

Get a pair of the woven counter stools from TJ Maxx for less than one of the Serena & Lily Carson stools!

Tucker Dining Chair

Tucker Dining Chair // Wayfair Version

This is another great find where you get two chairs for a little more than price of one. Sold together, a set of 2 of the Wayfair option has a slightly taller back but the set is cheaper than 1 of the Tucker chairs.

It is also a darker color grey than the S&L Tucker, but very similar in design. These are the perfect simple dining chair that works with any style.

I had the dupe version in my old kitchen and they were great!

Riviera Backless Counter Stool

The Riviera woven french bistro style beauties are a popular Serena & Lily purchase, but at $298 a piece they are certainly not within many budgets.

Riviera backless stool // Wayfair Version

The Wayfair Alastair Bar & Counter Stool is very similar and at $129 a piece is a much more palatable price for most homeowners.

Accent Chairs

Shore Dining Chair

Shore Dining Chair // Pottery Barn Version

Not the closest match, but the dupe version has nice lines and a similar style.

Parkwood Swivel Chair – Coastal Blue

Parkwood Swivel Chair // Overstock Version

With the similar soft coastal blue fabric and clean lines, you’d be forgiven for maybe preferring the look for less to the original Parkwood Swivel Chair!

Both chairs swivel and would make a stunning addition to any bedroom or living room.

Seabrook Swivel Chair

Seabrook Swivel Chair // Wayfair Version

Botht the Seabrook Swivel Chair and Wayfair’s look for less have pretty patterned fabric, and a stunning round silhouette that makes both of these swivel chairs a great choice if you’re short on space.

Edgewater Lounge Chair

Edgewater Lounge Chair // Williams Sonama Version

Islesboro Chair

Islesboro Chair // Pottery Barn Seagrass Chair

With similar curved lines, both these seagrass chairs would look pretty amazing on both ends of a dining table or as part of a sunroom conversation set!

Beach House Chair

Beach House Chair // Dupe

Perfect as a nursery glider or just a comfy living room chair, both the Beach House Chair and the Grandin Road version share a very similar look. I’ve heard great things about the comfort level of both, so make your choice depending on how much you want to spend!

Beckett Chair

Beckett Chair // Amazon Look For Less

The Beckett chair is a stunning accent to any living room, but you’ll be much happier with the price of the Amazon look for less!

Harrison Swivel Cube

Harrison Swivel Cube // Skirted Storage Ottoman

Blue stripes get me every time! Cube ottomans like this make for great extra seating and look oh so cute! The dupe version even has storage!

Outdoor Chairs

Salt Creek Outdoor Dining Chair

The Salt Creek Dining Chair really caught my eye this season as I’ve been looking for new patio furniture. The rope detailing and white frame have the perfect summery coastal vibe that I love. But at over $800 for one chair, they were definitely not in budget!

Salt Creek Outdoor Dining Chair // Walmart Version

This 3 piece set from Walmart is a pretty close match and and an amazing price.

If the 3 piece set is sold out, they usually come back in stock. You can also get the 4-piece set for less than the cost of one Salt Creek armchair!

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Seadrift Side Table

Seadrift Side Table // Urban Outfitters Table

The Seadrift side table is so versatile, and brings a cozy warmth to any space. We love the handwoven wicker, and it can be easily moved wherever and whenever you need it.

I personally think the Urban Outfitters one has a little more character to it with its pinched base. Whether you want to use it as a side table or top it with decor and style it to fit your home, it’s a winner in our book.

Bamileke Coffee Table (White)

Bamileke Coffee Table // Ballard Designs Bornova

I love a drum style coffee table and the carved detail of the Bamileke is stunning. However, the price point is over $2,000.

The Ballard Designs Bornova drum coffee table gives you the same look for one-third of the S&L price!

Bamileke Coffee Table (Brown)

If you prefer the look of the Bamileke in brown, then you need to snap up this carved wood drum coffee table from World Market for only $350! I’ve seen it in person and it’s really beautiful!

Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table

Anguilla Coffee Table // World Market Dupe

Rattan is in and this table has it going on! From the natural finish, it’s playful textures and its fun tropical vibes, you will have to do a double take to see which one is the original for sure.

Both the Serena & Lily Anguilla and the World Market version are very similar and have a lot of the same details and only a few inches difference in height and slight difference in color.

Beds and Bedding

Harbour Cane Daybed

Harbour Cane Daybed // Target Version

I have had my eye on the Harbour Cane Daybed for a long time, so I’m super excited to find a similar look at Target!

Yes, you’ll need to source a cushion and bolster pillows (but those are easy to come by!). I think for more than $2000 less than the Serena & Lily version, you’ll have plenty of money left over to find what you need!

If the Target version is out of stock, this daybed from Overstock is equally stunning and comes with the cushion.

Beach House Bed

Serena & Lily Beach House Bed // Dupe

How pretty is the blue linen on these beds? Such a pretty touch to any bedroom!

Wave Sheet Set

Wave Sheets // Macy’s Set

We saved the best one for last. This wave scalloped sheet set from Macy’s will give you the luxury look of the S & L Wave Sheet Set for less than half the cost.

You will adore the 400 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton of this sheet et when you rest your head after a long day!


Beach Side Table Lamp

Beach Side Table Lamp // Target Dupe

$400 versus $40…is that extra zero worth it? I think the Target version is the perfect look for less!

Hattie Table Lamp

Hattie Table Lamp // Amazon Look For Less

These are so close in looks that you’d be mistaken for thinking they are the same lamp, but the Amazon version is a fraction of the price!


Poetto Vase // Amazon Look For Less


While all the Serena & Lily rugs are stunning and high quality, the price point can certainly be hard to swallow. I personally own the Hillsborough rug in one of the smaller sizes and love it, but I’m not sure I would have been willing the pay for the larger size if I’d needed it for my living room.

I’ve pulled together some Serena & Lily inspired rugs that are all 100% wool and look the part for a fraction of the cost.

I’ve got my eye on some of these for a summer living room refresh!

Rug 1 // Rug 2 // Rug 3 // Rug 4

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