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I cannot believe the baby boy is not a baby anymore! He is now a glorious six years old. In fact, there have been two more nursery reveals since my very first, and baby boy C now has two younger brothers to play with!

Life has changed so much since this reveal and I have learnt a lot in terms of being a parent but also just how difficult it is to get anything done around the home with three boys running around my feet all day.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s definitely an amazing change, but time wise – I have to be so much more organized these days to get anything done!

Nearly seven years ago I started to transform the then guest room (from our first house) into C’s Nursery. This was a time in our lives where we were on a really tight budget so it was mainly done by virtue of DIY and a very large rug to hide the floors I couldn’t then afford to replace or refinish.

Here was the room before:

The old guest room before it became Cian's nursery

This was the mood board I created as inspiration. I loved the idea of combining solid wood furniture with more modern elements such as the white baby crib and the animal prints. I think you’ll agree that this type of style is timeless – six years later it still looks in date and fresh.

Our baby boy nursery mood board and inspiration for our baby's nursery

The clear out began and we painted all the doors and trim white and added a rug to cover the flooring which I couldn’t afford to get replaced at the time.

Adding a large area rug is a really effective way of transforming a space and creating a modern, timeless and warm feeling. We already had our room painted a beautiful gray but if you are looking for the best gray paint choices for your home, I’ve got your back!

Cian's baby nursery decor was simple and perfect for a baby boy
We kept our baby boy nursery nice and simple, with light colors like teal, blue, and light gray

As I mentioned previously, a large portion of the nursery make-over was compiled of DIY projects. In particular I loved the functionality of my pegboard display and how I could change things up to suit my needs at any given time. As C got older, we added more shelving on the peg boards and hung some of his art from here too.

A DIY project that I really enjoyed doing was upcycling the midcentury dresser which I sourced from craigslist. Up-cycling is seeing a massive resurgence in 2021 and is mentioned as one of my top home decor trends of 2021.

We added a pegboard to the wall in our baby boy nursery to help with organization in the changing area

One of my other favorite parts of C’s nursery reveal were the animal prints. I just found them adorable and they have since made appearances in my two other son’s nurseries too! Due to them being quite minimalistic they tend to match well with any decor so they are truly versatile!

These adorable baby animal prints added a cute touch to our baby boy nursery decor

Making a DIY cot mobile is one of the most touching and personal things you can do for your babies nursery. I made C’s mobile using some felt and stuffing with batting. The joy is so much in the mindful creation of something so let your creative side run free here!

You can easily DIY a baby crib mobile with little felt baby animals like this one
Our baby boy's nursery crib mobile has a little baby elephant and bird

The shelving in C’s nursery are one of my all time favorite DIY projects ever. They were super affordable to make and I love the masculine aesthetic they bring to the room. Be sure to check out the DIY nursery shelf tutorial.

We love the baby pictures of Cian so much, we added some to his baby nursery decor
We created DIY floating book shelves for our baby boy nursery

The Takeaway

Wow it was truly amazing to look back at this nursery reveal for so many reasons. In some ways I see how timeless and versatile a space can be but also it brings back some amazing memories of doing some of my favorite DIY projects ever (you know, back when I had time!). DIY is always a smart idea to make your budget go further. With a little bit of creativity, some planning around nap times and the right tutorial, you too could be onto a winner!

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  1. Your nursery is absolutely stunning. I love it. I will be featuring this tonight at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

  2. Hello Jenna,

    Thank you for linking up at our Home Matters Party!

    I LOVE this little room! And that dresser is just perfect. Great work!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Randi :)


  3. I know this is an older post but can you tell me where you got the little elephant rocking horse statue. Beautiful room!

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Home Goods I believe! I see similar there still at the time :-)

  4. I love this nursery. Congratulations on your little man!

    I have a question about the glider you used. I’ve been eyeing it too, and I was wondering how visible the glider mechanism is under the chair. The pictures on Wayfair make it look really conspicuous, but in your pictures it’s not very noticeable.

    Baby Relax has a bunch of cute, affordable rocking chairs, but a glider seems a little more functional – I just don’t want the metal parts underneath to be too visible!

    BTW, I think this blog post has helped some people make the decision to buy that chair :)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!

      It took me a REALLY long time to find a glider that I liked – especially since I was originally set on a PB style rocker. I have to say we love the one we got and the metal part underneath is only visible if you’re literally on the ground and eye level with it. That was my main concern when I saw the pictures online, too. It’s very comfortable and the color is perfect…we’re very happy with the quality considering how affordable it was!

      Thank you for your sweet words!! :-)

  5. Ack, sorry, about my last comment! I accidentally hit post. Your nursery looks so good and congrats on your new little guy! I can barely find time to do anything either. Mine was STTN until a few weeks ago :( Now he’s up once a night which I suppose could be worse! And naps are almost always on me right now. I’d love to feature your nursery paint color if you’re interested. It looks great!

    1. I got the “baby whisperer” book and used it as the basis for my routine with my little guy. I have to say it has worked a dream! I didn’t stick rigidly to it at all (and didn’t take everything the author said as gospel) but it has definitely helped the most with daytime naps!

      Thanks for your comments about the nursery…I’m very happy with how it turned out and I’d love for you to feature it!!