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Tan paint colors, including a range of beige colors with varying undertones, offer a warm, inviting atmosphere in homes. These warm neutrals are especially liked for their versatility in rooms like the living room, dining room, and family room.

BM Bleeker Beige

Tan is a neutral paint color, most often with yellow undertones, green undertones, or even gray undertones. These subtle variations make tan colors adaptable and widely appealing, fitting perfectly into the category of warm neutral paint colors.

Tan and beige paint colors are often lumped together, with many shades of beige also being shades of tan. Also, paint color names can be misleading – not all paints with the name “beige” or “tan” actually fit into that category.

The Best Tan Paint Colors

Here are the best tan wall paint color options, each offering unique warmth and charm:

1. Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (HC-81)

BM Manchester Tan is a classic color that’s been popular for a long time. People love it for its elegant but simple look. The slight green hint in it makes it different from regular beige colors.

If you’re looking for a paint color that goes with oak cabinets, this is a good choice but it works equally well in modern spaces.

Dining room walls painted BENJAMIN MOORE MANCHESTER TAN (HC-80). Wood dining table and rattan accents.
  • LRV: 63.
  • Undertones: This color exhibits a balanced blend of beige and gray, often revealing a slight green undertone in certain lighting.
  • Best Use: Works well in spaces with ample natural light. Suitable for walls in almost any room, especially where a subtle, soothing backdrop is needed.

2. Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan (SW 7531)

SW Canvas Tan is a favorite because it’s easy to match with many styles. It’s not too bright or too creamy, making it a popular choice for a simple and warm look. It’s very similar to BM Manchester Tan, only lighter and without the green undertone that can come with Manchester Tan.

living room walls painted SW canvas tan with two cream sofas and a wooden drum coffee table
  • LRV: 64.
  • Undertones: Canvas Tan is a warm, neutral tan with subtle creamy undertones, creating a welcoming feel. It relatively neutral, with no obvious undertones, which makes it versatile.
  • Best Use: Ideal for living rooms or bedrooms where a soft, inviting atmosphere is desired. Its neutrality complements both contemporary and traditional decors.

3. Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige (HC-80)

BM Bleeker Beige is chosen often for its rich, deep tan color. It’s especially liked in houses with a traditional or rustic style and looks great with wooden furniture.

Kitchen walls painted Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-45. Cabinets are a cream color with black granite countertops and black hardware.
Bm Bleeker Beige walls
  • LRV: 51.6
  • Undertones: A deeper tan with brown and green undertones, giving it a richer, earthier feel than some lighter tans.
  • Best Use: Ideal for cozy spaces like dens or libraries. It pairs well with wood finishes, making it a good choice for homes with traditional styling or older homes.

4. Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige (HC-45)

BM Shaker Beige is a long-time favorite. It’s a trusted color because it works well in almost any kind of room, making it a popular pick for many years..

Bathroom walls painted BM Shaker Beige with wooden vanity with marble top.
BM Shaker Beige walls
  • LRV: 53.5.
  • Undertones: This classic beige has a harmonious balance of yellow and gray undertones, avoiding the dullness sometimes associated with beige.
  • Best Use: Versatile for both modern and traditional spaces; excellent for living rooms and hallways. It harmonizes well with a wide range of accent colors.

5. Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige (SW 6106)

SW Kilim Beige is one of the top tan paint colors from Sherwin Williams. Its warm and welcoming tone makes it a common choice in many homes.

Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige living room walls with two cream color sofas
  • LRV: 57.
  • Undertones: A soft, warm beige with subtle pink and gray undertones, adding depth and warmth.
  • Best Use: Great for creating a cozy, inviting ambiance. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas, especially in homes with a more traditional or rustic decor

6. Sherwin Williams Wool Skein (SW 6148)

SW Wool Skein is known for its subtle complexity and has a loyal following. It’s popular in spaces where a neutral, yet interesting color is desired. The nuanced undertones offer something a bit different from the typical beige or tan.

bathroom with a soaking tub and walls painted SW Wool Skein.
  • LRV: 63.
  • Undertones: This color has a complex mix of undertones, including green and yellow, which can become more pronounced in different lighting.
  • Best Use: Ideal for spaces that need a neutral yet interesting backdrop. Works well in living rooms, kitchens, and home offices.

7. Benjamin Moore Grant Beige

Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige is a warm, inviting tan color with an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of almost 56. This means it’s not too light or too dark.

It has subtle green and gray undertones, giving it an earthy feel. Grant Beige works well with a variety of colors, especially rich blues, soft greens, and muted purples.

It’s a flexible choice for many room styles and adapts well to different lighting.

Light and airy dining room with walls painted BM Grant Beige.
This room is filled with an abundance of light. In most spaces, BM Grant Beige will look considerably darker.
  • LRV: 55.8
  • Undertones: Gray and green
  • Best Use: Anywhere you want a warm paint color that works well alongside cooler tones, too.

Coordinating Color Schemes

tan color palette suggestions
  • Primary Color – Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (HC-81)
    • A neutral and soothing tan with subtle green undertones, it serves as a versatile base for the entire palette.
  • Warm Grays:
    • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172): A light gray with warm undertones, perfect for creating a cozy yet sophisticated look.
    • Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (HC-173): A soft, warm gray that’s slightly lighter than Revere Pewter, ideal for spaces that need a gentle touch of gray.
  • Beiges and Taupes:
    • Benjamin Moore Grant Beige (HC-83): A deeper beige that harmonizes well with Manchester Tan, adding depth to your color scheme.
    • Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (OC-23): Despite its name, it’s a very light taupe that adds a subtle hint of color.
  • Warm Whites and Creams:
    • Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17): A warm, soft white, excellent for trim, doors, and ceilings.
    • Benjamin Moore Navajo White (OC-95): A creamy, warm white, perfect for spaces where you want a hint of coziness and warmth without strong color.
  • Blues:
    • Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue (HC-144): A light, airy blue with a touch of green, great for bathrooms or bedrooms.
    • Benjamin Moore Beach Glass (1564): A muted, medium blue with gray undertones, creating a serene and calming effect.

Jenna’s Tips

  • The light reflectance value of paint colors is crucial in determining how much light they will reflect in your space.
  • The undertones of tan, whether they are yellow, green, pink or gray, can significantly affect how the color appears in different lighting conditions.
  • For darker rooms or a north-facing room, opt for warm colors or a yellow beige to make the space look brighter.
  • Pair tan or beige walls with white trim for a timeless, elegant look.

Why Tan Colors Are a Good Choice

Tan paint colors have been popular for a long time for good reason.

  • Compatibility: These colors are versatile enough to fit both modern and traditional settings. They pair well with various architectural styles and interior design elements, from speckled granite in older homes to sleek, contemporary finishes.
  • Warmth: They create a warm, inviting atmosphere, especially in spaces with lots of natural light.
  • Transition to Warmer Neutrals: Recently, there’s been a trend towards warmer, cozier neutrals, which has boosted the popularity of these tan shades.
  • Safe Choice for Resale: Many homeowners opt for these colors when preparing their homes for sale, as they appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.


To recap, the best tan paint colors are:

  1. Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (HC-81)
  2. Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan (SW 7531)
  3. Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige (HC-80)
  4. Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige (HC-45)
  5. Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige (SW 6106)
  6. Sherwin Williams Wool Skein (SW 6148)
  7. Benjamin Moore Grant Beige (HC-83)

Final Thoughts

Tan and beige colors are a timeless choice, suitable for real homes. They are a perfect choice to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in any space, from modern to traditional interiors.

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Looking for more? Follow me on social media for lots more home decor & DIY content!

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