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Don’t let the cold temperatures and gray skies get you down. With these simple touches, you can cozy up in style in your living room this winter.

Keep your living room all comfy and cozy this winter with these 5 simple home decor tips

How To Keep Your Living Room Cozy in Winter

Color Palette

First and foremost, consider you color palette. Generally, it’s a good idea to keep bright vibrant colors for the spring and summer and swap in some muted or richer tones for the winter. I personally like the rich, warm colors in fall and then I transition to soft muted colors for winter. This year, I brought the blush pink and gray in for Christmas and it has remained part of my decor as I transition out of the holidays.

Choosing soft muted tones will add a sense of warmth and coziness to your winter living room decor

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Add Warmth and Coziness Through Texture

Now is the time to go overboard with throw pillows and blankets! Don’t be afraid of faux fur, velvet, chenille or other textures that you may not usually gravitate towards.

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”k7ZXmJum” upload-date=”Wed Jan 17 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)” name=”5 Tips For Creating a Cozy Winter Living Room” description=”Don't let the winter get you down, these 5 Tips For Creating a Cozy Winter Living Room will ensure your living room not only looks beautiful but feels it too.”]

A large, plush grey pillow among light pink pillows, on a sofa, near a table with a slender gold vase holding tall white flowers

Large pink and grey pillows on a light grey sofa, with an off-white coffee table in front

(scroll using the arrows and click the image you like)

Add Ambience With Candles and Fairy Lights

We all love candles at every time of the year but now is the perfect time to really get that cozy feel with candles. Pick your scent wisely and you’ll also wake up your senses! Another great way to get this soft light effect is by using fairy lights. Place them in lantern, hurricane or other vase for a wonderful glow.

Candles always set the tone! Bring in your favorite scents to add to your cozy living room ambience in winter

Bring The Outdoors In

Whether it’s flowers, plants or tree clippings, bringing some greenery to your living room this winter. Not only do these natural elements help ground your space, but the touch of green adds a nice contrasting color.

Tulips in a rustic glass vase on top of a stack of books, with a garland of small, wooden balls, next to a silver lamp

Flowers, plants and tree clippings add a natural touch to winter living room decor

(just scroll using the arrows and click the image you like)

Scale Back and Keep it Minimal

With the New Year, most of us get a sense a wanting to purge, organize and clean. So why not embrace that feeling with your decor, too? Keep it simple with just a few items to create nice vignettes but an uncluttered look. The cleaner color palette will also help you achieve this look.

Keeping your decor minimal with more muted colors is a great way to create a cozy feeling in your living room this winter

A textured golden vase of flowers, resting on a square, white tray on an off-white coffee table in front of a light grey sofa

5 tips for decorating your living room in the winter. Make your living room as cozy as this one!

Of course, these are just my humble suggestions! Maybe you have some other ideas about how to keep your living room cozy in the doldrums of winter? I’d love to hear them, drop me a line below or find me on Facebook and Instagram!

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