There are many ways to store and display your craft supplies that are creative, clever and won’t break the budget. Whether your craft room is small or large, make the most of your organization with these simple yet functional ideas.

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Simple Craft Organization Ideas

Storing essential craft supplies can be a challenge. I don’t know of any crafter that doesn’t want a beautiful, functional space.

There are a lot of solutions out there on Pinterest, but it can be overwhelming to have so many options in front of you at one time. Luckily for you, I’ve decided to pull together just 15 Clever and Creative Craft Organization Ideas that are easy to implement, stylish, and downright clever. I hope one or two will inspire you to tackle storing your supplies and help you smile when you enter your space to get creative.

Use Drawers Rather than Cabinets When You Can

Cabinets and bookshelves are a tried and true way to organize items in any space, but often, that means you end up with unused space. When it comes to our craft supplies and tools, real estate comes at a premium. To make sure you’re maximizing the space you have (no matter how large or small) use drawers instead. 

Use drawers instead of cabinets to store craft items for optimal craft room storage and organization

Modern Coastal Craft Room Reveal via Rambling Renovators

Other Organizational Ideas You May Enjoy

Store Small Items in Vases

Rolling carts are very trendy right now, (thanks Ikea!) but they are also functional and easy to store away in a corner if you need them out of the way. Top them with small glass vases and decorative boxes and store smaller items or scrap ribbons. This is a beautiful and functional way to store the bits and bobs you have left over from any project. 

Use a rolling cart and decorative vases to store small items when organizing your craft room

Craft Room Tour via Songbird

Organize Unfinished Crafts and Projects on a Rolling Cart

I don’t know any crafter or DIYer that doesn’t have unfinished projects. But what do you do with all the unfinished projects you have piling up? I love this idea from Shrimp Salad Circus. Use a rolling cart and inexpensive plastic bins to store all of the pieces and tools. If you need to tidy up, it’s as simple as clasping the lid and pushing the cart out of sight. 

How to organize a small craft room: Organize unfinished projects on a rolling cart

How to Organize Half-Finished Projects via Shrimp Salad Circus

Repurpose Kitschy Wall Art as Storage

Kitschy decor is a dime a dozen at garage and estate sales, but you don’t have to use them in the way they were intended. Instead, use fabric or a can of spray paint to update them, and then use that vintage wall planter as ribbon, paint or other craft supply storage. 

Creative craft room storage ideas: Use wall art as storage DIY Ribbon Organizer via Atta Girl Says

DIY Ribbon Organizer via Atta Girl Says

Makeover a China Cabinet for a Unique Storage Solution

We’ve all inherited hand me down furniture (think college days). It doesn’t always suit your style, but you can give it a quick and inexpensive makeover with paint and new hardware. Remove doors, add baskets and bins and you’ve got gorgeous storage to help your organize your craft space. 

Organizing your craft room? Make over a china cabinet and use it for craft room storage

Fresh and Inspiring $100 Studio Makeover via Postcards from the Ridge

Use Your Craft Supplies As Your Storage Solution

We want to store our craft “stuff” but what if we used it to store other supplies instead? Jennifer used her spare embroidery hoops to create hanging storage for her space. Colorful and useful!

On a budget? Create your own craft room storage using your craft supplies
Crafty and Colorful DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets via Jennifer Perkins

Create Your Own Creative Wall

Use pegboards and hooks to create a “creative wall” like this one. I love how wrapping paper is stored up and off the floor. All the ribbon and tools are up off of the crafting surface and it looks pulled together and colorful too. Especially when dealing with a small craft room space, you’re going to want to utilize the walls to create as much storage as possible. 

Utilize the walls when organizing your small craft room space. Create your own creative wall of storage!

The Creative Wall via In My Own Style

Use Pegboards in a Nook

If your kids like to craft with you, you know how challenging that can be. Instead, use a nook or closet space and give them their own crafting area within your space. Pegboards are a wonderful solution to store pens, markers, crayons and other tools within easy reach.

Craft station for kids with pegboards in adult space keeps kids' supplies organized and away from the adult supplies

Craft Station for the Kids via Uncookie Cutter

Hang Drawers on the Wall to Store Paint

Think outside the drawer. I know that I’ve seen old drawers on the curb more than once, but I never considered giving them a quick paint job and hanging them up to store bottles of acrylic paint, adhesives or glitter. 

Secure drawers to a wall to store paint Office Makeover - Paint Drawers via Girl, Just DIY! Jenna Kate at Home

Office Makeover – Paint Drawers via Girl, Just DIY!

Cohesive Baskets and Mason Jars

Another basic shelving unit gets a cohesive look with pretty blue mason jars, baskets, and bins for craft supplies. The blue jars add a touch of color while holding snippets of ribbon, while chalkboard labels add accessibility and organization to the baskets.

Cohesive baskets on a vintage shelving unit Craft and Office Space Reveal via DIY Beautify Jenna Kate at Home

Craft and Office Space Reveal via DIY Beautify

Repurpose a Card Catalog

Who doesn’t want to own a card catalog? I love the idea of using one to store small items in just about any room, but it makes so much sense for craft storage. It would provide a place to store sewing notions, pocket scrapbooking cards or your collection of pens and brushes.

Use a card catalog to store small, like items The Making of a Craft Studio - Card Catalogue via Birdz of a Feather Jenna Kate at Home

The Making of a Craft Studio – Card Catalogue via Birdz of a Feather

Labeled Bins

Plastic bins with labels might seem like a basic tip, but there’s a reason it’s mentioned often. It works! You can find inexpensive plastic bins with lids at any big box store these days. Opt for ones with colored lids and add a splash to your space. 

Label plastic bins and store like items together on bookshelves Organizing Craft Supplies via So Much Better with Age Jenna Kate at Home

Organizing Craft Supplies via So Much Better with Age

Make Your Storage Your Decor

Don’t hide your supplies. Instead, use them to decorate your space. I love the idea of displaying your pin cushion out in the open (though up high if you have small hands in the house) or storing scissors in an otherwise unused vase. It’s colorful and functional.

Think of your craft supplies as decor and storage How to Set Up a Small Space via Smart Fun DIY Jenna Kate at Home

How to Set Up a Small Space via Smart Fun DIY

Upgrade Inexpensive Shelving with Fabric

Craft storage doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Instead, buy affordable shelving and give them an upgrade by adding fabric or wallpaper to the backing. Then just add neutral bins and boxes and store your craft and sewing machines.  

Add fabric backing to decorate inexpensive shelving when organizing and decorating a craft room

One Room Challenge: Office Reveal via Amber Oliver

Organize a Small Craft Space with Cubbies

Cubbies are another common find on Pinterest, but they really are a practical solution for a craft space. Add cohesive or coordinating bins, and baskets for a uniform look. Even the smallest space would benefit from a shelving unit like this.

9 cubes (3x3 layout) holding various craft supplies (six cubes hold blue storage baskets)

How to Store Craft Supplies in a Small Space via Decor by the Seashore

Craft room storage doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Use what you have, shop estate sales, and add color to what you find and soon you’ll have the most organized space in your home!

What’s your best tip for storing your craft supplies? Let me know in the comments!

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