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Benjamin Moore’s Silver Satin is a warm gray paint color that offers a delicate balance between gray and beige. It’s a versatile color choice for those seeking a light, airy feel in their space without straying too far from neutral tones.

Silver Satin painted walls in a living room and dining room.
Silver Satin Walls by Kylie M. Interiors

Silver Satin is a neutral light gray paint color that’s perfect for obtaining a coastal, airy feel. Wondering if BM Silver Satin is the right paint color for you? In this article, you’ll learn what color silver satin is and how it can appear in different lighting conditions and areas of the home.

What Color is Silver Satin?

Silver Satin is a warm gray with a sleek look. Not quite as warm as the more popular Classic Gray, but a great choice as a subtle gray-lavender. It shifts slightly depending on the lighting, appearing a tad cooler in north-facing rooms and warmer in southern or western sunlight.

What is The LRV of BM Silver Satin?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is an indicator of the amount of light that is reflected by a color when it is illuminated by a light source. A higher value (closer to 100) means that a color will reflect more light back at you and a lower value (closer to 0) means that a color will appear darker, or absorb more light. 

With an LRV of 74.9, Silver Satin sits near the beginning of the off-white range. In brightly lit rooms, it may wash out, while in a dark room, it can look a bit lackluster due to its high LRV and subtle chroma.

Is BM Silver Satin a Warm or Cool Color?

Silver Satin is a warm paint color. While it’s not the warmest color you’ll find at Benjamin Moore, it is definitely has a little bit of warm tones to it.

A living room painted with wall color silver satin.
Silver Satin Painted Living Room by @ktpainting

What Are The Undertones of Silver Satin?

Silver Satin has minor violet undertones when displayed in natural light, which are quite subtle. It’s less prone to picking up a green undertone, maintaining its neutral gray appearance.

Trim Color and Silver Stain

For trim with Silver Satin walls, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is recommended as the best paint color for a clean and simple look. Sherwin Williams Pure White is also another great option. Really, most white paint colors should work fine.

White trims are hard to go wrong with. I’d recommend sticking with a white interior paint color to avoid a cluttered look.

How Does Light Affect Silver Satin?

In north-facing light, expect Silver Satin to lean towards its cooler gray side. Conversely, in south-facing rooms or warm western afternoon sun, it warms up slightly without veering into beige.

Can I Use Silver Satin on Kitchen Cabinets?

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Silver Satin on Kitchen Cabinets. In addition, Silver Satin is just not very commonly used for kitchen cabinets. If considering it for cabinetry, it may be better to opt for a white or a shade with more depth.

Is Silver Satin a Greige Color?

No, it is grayish off white with a bit of warmth, but not enough to make it a greige. If a greige color is more your design style, I’d suggest different shades such as Edgecomb Gray or Accessible Beige. You can also see all my other favorite greige paint colors.

BM Silver Satin Coordinating Colors

The best way to pair Benjamin Moore Silver Satin is with grays of similar undertones and those with more depth. For a bit of contrast, blue-green colors coordinate nicely.

Silver Satin painted on living room walls with a fireplace, mirror overhead, and a couch in the corner.
Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore

You also can’t go wrong pairing this with simple whites or another neutral paint color. Popular colors include SW Pure White or BM Chantilly Lace. It’s a good idea to avoid going too creamy as it can become muddy looking at that point.

Silver Satin vs. BM Classic Gray

Classic Gray is just slightly darker than Silver Satin, with an LRV of 74.8 versus Silver Satin’s LRV of 76.2. Classic Gray has a warmer undertone whereas Silver Satin is slightly cooler with a lavender-gray undertone.

Silver Satin vs. SW Eider White

Eider White is a cooler option compared to Silver Satin. It might blend nicer to a color palette utilizing more green and blue.

BM Silver Satin vs. BM Calm

With a slightly higher LRV, Calm offers a similar vibe but with different undertones and is a warmer variation of this light gray.

Final Thoughts

Benjamin Moore’s Silver Satin is a beautifully subtle warm gray that offers flexibility and a serene backdrop. Whatever your design style, chances are it will work. Interior designers and homeowners alike drift towards this color for a calm, relaxing environment.

Its ability to adapt to different lighting conditions and pair with a range of complementary colors makes it a versatile choice for creating a light and inviting space.

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