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It doesn’t have to take much to make your bedroom into a winter wonderland with a little Christmas cheer. These ten Christmas bedroom ideas will help you cozy up your bedroom right in time for the holiday season!

bedroom with small Christmas tree in the corner

Christmas Bedroom Decor

Looking to add some festive cheer to your bedroom this Christmas season? You’ve come to the right place! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can decorate your bedroom to get into the holiday spirit.

Whether you’re looking for simple and subtle touches for your guest bedroom or bold and bright statements for the master bedroom, there are plenty of Christmas bedroom decor ideas to choose from that are easily to implement. The best part? None of these will take you very long to do!

Between running errands, taking kids to do fun Christmas-themed things, or even just cleaning up the house for friends and family that may be coming into town, sometimes there’s barely a spare minute to even decorate the Christmas tree.

With so much going on, you might not give a second thought to decorating your bedroom. But since we spend so many hours in there, why not use these simple ideas to decorate your bedroom for a festive feel?

1. Add Greenery

No matter what theme or color scheme you’re decorating with for Christmas, greenery is always a good idea. Whether it’s real or faux, bringing greenery into your bedroom is a quick way to add that special holiday touch.

Artificial Christmas tree with candle lights

If the space in your bedroom allows, having a Christmas tree in the corner is a no-brainer. My bedroom is quite small, but a slim bedroom tree fits nicely in the corner. You can choose to decorate it, or just add some simple fairy lights to ambience at night.

bed with Christmas garland draped over the headboard

If you don’t have room for a real tree, adding a faux garland over your headboard, or even wall art, is the easiest way to bring in greenery, and it’s still classy and festive.

Nursery decorated for Christmas with garland over the wall art

One year, I even made a DIY evergreen green wreath with some foraged cedar and a wire hanger. It was a simple but beautiful addition to my Christmas decor!

2. Add Ambience With String Lights

I am a sucker for twinkly Christmas string lights – they really put me in the Christmas spirit.

Lights can of course be put on your tree, draped across your bed with some garland, wrapped around a bed post or even hung to frame out a window.

headboard with flocked garland and Christmas lights draped over it

For safety, make sure your Christmas lights have LED bulbs. They give a pretty glow, but they don’t get warm to the touch which means you won’t run the risk of anything catching on fire if your garland or your Christmas tree gets dry.

3. Decorate Your Nightstands and Dressers

Christmas ornaments are a great decorating staple – and not just for your tree!

Christmas mug on bedside table

Gather simple dollar store ball ornaments and some greenery (foraged from your back yard!) and put them in a large bowl for a simple decorative accent that’s perfect placed on a bedside table or dressing table.

bowl of Christmas ornaments and evergreens

I like to keep my bedroom furniture uncluttered, since I need them to be functional, so having items corralled in a bowl works great for me.

small ceramic Christmas tree on bedside table

Another way I love to add a simple festive touch to nightstands or dressers is with small ceramic, wooden or bottle brush trees. Bells and lanterns also have that festive touch.

Bottle brush trees and a bell on the bedroom nightstand

The Target dollar spot has these every year and I frequently stock up on different varieties.

If you’re adding decor to bedside tables in your guest room, adding a special tray with Christmas themed decor is a nice and easy way to make your guests feel welcome, and have them get into the holiday spirit!

4. Layer in Throw Pillows and Blankets

Similar to decorating your living room for the season, bringing in seasonally-themed throw pillows and lots of cozy blankets is a great idea.

Not only do they look the part, but they make the bedroom nice and cozy – and the perfect spot to snuggle up with some tea and a good book!

Plus, even if you don’t use them for warmth, they can create visual warmth and a sense of coziness just by being an addition to your decor.

Red festive throw pillow on the bed

If you’re a hot sleeper and don’t want that extra quilt or blanket on your bed, consider draping it on the bottom or hanging them on a blanket ladder.

Jingle pillow and a blanket ladder in the corner of the bedroom

By the way, while red and green are traditional colors to decorate with, don’t feel like you have to embrace them.

In fact, more often than not, I don’t decorate with red at Christmas.

master bedroom with red festive Christmas bedding

5. Keep a Cohesive Color Palette

Just because it’s December doesn’t mean that you should automatically switch out your bedding and pillow cases for traditional holiday colors.

Be with white sheets and touches of blue and pink decor

Every few years I feel the need to embrace all things red and Christmassy, but not every year!

You can follow my lead from last year when I did my blue and white Christmas decor. Keep some or all of your bedroom looking neutral while adding pops of Christmas color with decor items or ornaments on your tree in your room.

Basket with throw blankets hanging out

6. Christmas Wall Art

A very easy swap to make to totally transform your bedroom is to replace your over the bed decor with a seasonal frame or print. This will also create a Holiday inspired focal point that your eyes will naturally be drawn to during the festive months.

A piece of wall art hanging over a bed reading "Joy to the World"
Christmas Wall Art via Grace In My Space

I love this neutral but seasonal Joy to the World print Sarah implemented into her Christmas bedroom decor. If you don’t already have one, Hobby Lobby or Home Goods is sure to have an affordable option that is just perfect.

7. Add a Seasonal Rug

A rug is easy to store (just roll it up and house in a closet year to year) and takes less than thirty seconds to lay out! This will instantly bring the Christmas spirit into your bedroom.

You don’t necessarily have to use a red or green one either. I’ve found plenty of neutral ones with snowflakes, Christmas scenery, or other holiday elements. Another idea would be to use one that matches your Christmas color scheme, even if it’s not a traditional color.

A red bedroom rug festive for the holidays.
Holiday Rug via Kelley Nan

If you don’t mind red however, or just feel like bringing that extra oomph into a room, a red or green rug is a no brainer when planning your Christmas bedroom decor.

8. Christmas Scented Candles

A great way to bring a cozy feel to the bedroom is with candles. Not only are they normally in gorgeous jars, but the aromas of the season will bring warmth and happiness to your home. Some popular scents include peppermint, cinnamon, and pine.

Christmas Candles displayed as decor.
Christmas Candles via Honey We’re Home

To create a cozy ambiance, place candles on your nightstand or dresser. You can also group candles together on a tray or in a decorative bowl. Don’t forget to blow out the candles before you go to sleep!

9. Incorporate Plaid

Something about a solid plaid print just screams Christmas. You can do this very minimally too. For a strong accent add in a plaid bedspread or incorporate it in a subtle way by throwing in a few plaid pillow cases or decor elements.

Plaid bedspread with white throw blankets and pillows.
Buffalo Plaid via The Crafting Nook

Although this red plaid Christmas comforter looks stunning, a light blue plaid or classic black looks amazing as well. You could even do a tan and white plaid for a very neutral tone. The options are endless!

10. Hang Stockings at the End of the Bed

You don’t have to buy a ton of Christmas decorations to get a magical atmosphere in your oasis. Adding stockings to your bed frame is another super simple Christmas decorating idea and can stand alone without any other decor.

Stockings hung as Christmas Decor at the end of a bed frame.
Bed Stockings via Canadian Log Homes

You can find a few knit stockings very inexpensively and use them as bedroom decor each year for a bit of holiday cheer. Plus, they won’t take up much space storing!

Final Thoughts

As with anything during the Christmas period, don’t overwhelm yourself with the frenzy of decorating. Take your time and enjoy the process. Sometimes simple is more, and in this case, maybe even merrier!

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired the festive spirit and you’ve found a few different ways to make a big impact to your bedroom and create a festive winter wonderland setting. Happy decorating and Merry Christmas!

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    Beautiful bedroom! I’ve been looking for a headboard like yours. Yours is perfect! i would be so grateful if you could tell me the brand or where you got it. ❤️

    1. Hi Kristen, it was from Raymour & Flanigan from several years ago. No longer sold unfortunately but Wayfair sells similar.