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Sherwin Williams Big Chill is a cool-toned gray paint color that has become a popular choice for its subtle, sophisticated appearance and versatility under different lighting conditions, making it a great choice for interior walls in your home.

Big Chill painted kitchen with a white island and wooden stools.

What Color is SW Big Chill?

Big Chill is a cool gray. However, unlike some cool grays that can feel icy or stark, Big Chill has a softness to it, giving it a slightly stormy character. Unlike most cool grays, it does not have a strong blue undertone, just a subtle one. This quality makes it a near-neutral gray, although it leans more towards the cool end of the spectrum.

What is The LRV of SW Big Chill?

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Big Chill is 62, making it a light color that can brighten a space while maintaining enough depth to avoid washing out, offering best results in both little light and natural light.

Is SW Big Chill a Warm or Cool Color?

Big Chill is a cool gray paint color.

What Are The Undertones of Big Chill?

Big Chill has a passive blue undertone, which is more dominant than other potential gray undertones. While some grays can flexibly shift between blue, green, or purple undertones, Big Chill primarily maintains a cool, gray-blue appearance. This makes it a good fit for those who prefer cool, neutral grays over warmer tones.

Big chill painted in a dining room with a wooden table and wall art hanging.
Big Chill by Kylie M Interiors

How Does Light Affect Big Chill?

In a north-facing room, Big Chill may appear cooler, especially with artificial light, whereas, in south-facing rooms, it maintains its character, showcasing its versatility under various lighting conditions.

Where to Use Big Chill

Big Chill is a versatile choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, thanks to its neutral palette and light gray nature, making it a perfect light shade for interior walls.

Big Chill Painted in an Entryway
Big Chill in Entryway by Kylie M. Interiors

SW Big Chill Coordinating Colors

Need a coordinating color scheme? Dark blue or navy has got to be my favorite pairing with Big Chill. It’s simply stunning! For a less bold look, try clean whites such as SW Pure White.

Big Chill coordinating paint colors.

Colors that coordinate with SW Big Chill:

  • SW Lattice
  • SW Misty
  • SW Window pane
  • SW High Reflective White (trim)
  • SW Silverpointe
  • SW Slate Tile
  • SW Grizzle Gray

SW Big Chill vs. SW On The Rocks

Sherwin Williams Big Chill side by side swatch with Sherwin Williams On The Rocks.

SW On The Rocks (SW 7671) is a bit warmer and more neutral compared to Big Chill. While still in the cool gray category, On The Rocks has a very slight brownish or taupe undertone, making it more versatile across various lighting situations. It’s less about the cool, crisp air of a clear day and more like the soft, diffuse light of early morning.

SW Big Chill vs. BM Stonington Gray

Sherwin Williams Big Chill side by side swatch with BM Stonington Gray.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray has a complex gray shade that balances between blue and a hint of green undertones, giving it a unique, versatile look. This slight mix makes it adapt well to different lights, adding a bit of warmth compared to typical cool grays. It’s like looking at a cloud-covered sky that hints at clearing up.

SW Big Chill is ideal for creating a space that feels consistently calm and cool, particularly in rooms that get a lot of light. Stonington Gray, with its subtle complexity, offers a touch of warmth and depth, making it suitable for various settings, from cozy nooks to more spacious areas, especially where you want a neutral backdrop with a bit more character.

SW Big Chill vs. BM Moonshine

Sherwin Williams Big Chill side by side swatch with BM Moonshine.

Sherwin Williams Big Chill (SW 7648) is a cool gray with a gentle blue undertone, offering a serene and sophisticated vibe with an LRV of 62. It’s adept at bringing a calm, collected feel to rooms, balancing coolness with subtlety to avoid the iciness often associated with cool grays.

Benjamin Moore Moonshine (OC-56) presents as a soft, light gray with subtle green undertones, creating a fresh, tranquil atmosphere. With its slightly higher LRV compared to Big Chill, Moonshine reflects more light, making it effective in enhancing the brightness and feeling of spaciousness in a space.

While Big Chill emphasizes a cooler, blue-toned ambiance, Moonshine leans towards a softer, more neutral look with its greenish undertones, offering a different kind of warmth and versatility in creating inviting interiors.

SW Big Chill vs SW First Star

Sherwin Williams Big Chill side by side swatch with Sherwin Williams First Star.

Meanwhile, First Star (SW 7646), is lighter than Big Chill, leaning towards off-white. It has an LRV of 69, reflecting more light and providing a neutral backdrop. Its subtler undertones make it ideal for brightening smaller or dimly lit areas, creating a sense of openness.

Big Chill is perfect for adding a cool ambiance to a room without overwhelming it, while First Star is excellent for spaces needing a brighter, more spacious feel.


Big Chill works best with neutral or cooler white trim colors. Sherwin Williams Extra White or Sherwin Williams High Reflective White would both be great choices.

SW Big Chill on kitchen cabinets, especially against crisp whites like SW Pure White, brings a modern look to kitchens, proving to be a great color for modern homes.

While Big Chill is a good option for interiors, its exterior use in sun-drenched areas may require careful consideration due to its lightness, as light colors like this can just look washed out.

Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides real paint samples that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

Final Thoughts

Sherwin Williams Big Chill impresses as a cool, sophisticated gray. Its balance of coolness with softness makes it a favorite for creating serene spaces, from a busy family room to a peaceful bedroom, showcasing Big Chill as a neutral, versatile color with a sophisticated look.

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