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Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray is a modern and fresh medium-toned gray color with a slight blue undertone. It’s one of my favorite paint colors and I’ve used it throughout my home.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray living room walls

Are you searching for the perfect gray paint color for your home? Stonington Gray is a great choice if you are looking for a medium-toned gray paint color. When I get asked for a “neutral gray” this is oftentimes my go-to color choice.

Is it truly neutral? No, it has a subtle stormy blue undertone that can be apparent in cool natural light. However, it mostly looks neutral gray!

Let’s get into what makes this color one of the best!

What Color is BM Stonington Gray?

Stonington Gray is a pretty medium toned gray that is especially sought after in boy bedrooms. It’s a pretty popular gray paint color by Benjamin Moore due to the versatility and ease of use.

Interior designers and ordinary homeowners alike gravitate towards this simple, effortless gray. This is the perfect paint color for many!

What Undertones Does Stonington Gray Have?

If you’re looking for cool gray paint colors you may have just found the right color. Stonington Gray (BM HC-170) is a beautiful medium gray with cool, blue undertones. It stays perfectly gray in most spaces unless it’s paired with a lot of white and cool (north facing) light, where it can look a little blue. Rarely, does a slight purple undertone become apparent.

Stonington Gray walls with wood accents

In my home, my living room and most of the bedrooms upstairs are painted with Stonington Gray. It looks lovely paired with a crisp white trim color but does equally well with stained trim, too.

What is the LRV of Stonington Gray?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is an indicator of the amount of light that is reflected by a color when it is illuminated by a light source. A higher value (closer to 100) means that a color will reflect more light back at you and a lower value (closer to 0) means that a color will appear darker, or absorb more light. 

The LRV of Stonington Gray is 59. This means it is not light and airy but has a subtle depth to it instead. However, a bright white trim really livens it up. It’s truly a medium shade of gray.

Is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cool or Warm?

This is definitely a cool color because of the blue undertone!

Gray walls with light streaming in through the bedroom window

If you are looking for warm grays, Sherwin Williams has a few popular grays including Colonnade Gray, Agreeable Gray, and Repose Gray and of course Benjamin Moore has some great choices such as Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray or Classic Gray to name a few.

What Colors Go With Stonington Gray?

Stonington Gray truly works best with any other cool toned wall color so consider blues, green, and darker grays. You can’t go wrong with a classic shade of bright white, either.

I’m partial to pairing this with a rich Navy like Sherwin Williams Naval or crisp whites like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

Stonington gray toddler bedroom walls with navy and white striped curtains

Where Should I use Stonington Gray?

It can be used most anywhere. You can certainly use this as a whole house interior paint color or even on the exterior of your home. I also love it in the entire room of a laundry room, kitchen dining room pantry, and home office.

But, it is particularly popular in bedrooms designed for boys. I think because it blends so nicely with blue it’s just the obvious choice!

Corner of bedroom painted benjamin moore's stoninggton gray

Stonington Gray Accent Colors

In my toddler’s room, I have paired Stonington Gray with a navy blue accent wall (Sherwin Williams Naval). Because of the undertones of Stonington Gray, it’s the perfect gray to complement this deep navy shade. This room is east-facing, so it’s dark for a lot of the day.

While I love the color combination, it’s important to keep the rest of the furnishings and rug a lighter color to stop a low-light room from feeling really dark during the day.

Stonington Gray paired with Sherwin Williams Naval accent wall

Our guest room is south facing and has a lot of light furnishings. You can see how much brighter and fresher the paint color looks in here, compared to the bedroom above. The best way to tell is to grab some stick paint samples and hold them up in any space you are considering.

Stonington Gray bedroom wall with light colored upholstered headboard

What is the Lighter Version of Stonington Gray?

BM Gray Owl, BM Classic Gray, or BM Wickham Gray are all paint colors lighter than Stonington Gray that may be perfect for you if you’re looking for something lighter and brighter.

Stonington Gray vs Gray Owl

Stonington Gray is a cool gray with a stormy blue-purple undertone. On the other hand, Gray Owl has a green undertone that makes it appear warmer on walls, although it’s not really a warm gray.

Stonington Gray is a great choice if you want more contrast and a slightly darker shade gray in a room. Remember, it can flash quite blue in rooms with cooler light. Conversely, in my experience, Gray Owl looks like a pretty fresh gray the majority of the time.

Stonington Gray vs Wickham Gray

Stonington Gray is more of a “traditional” gray than Wickham Gray, although similar. Wickham Gray is also much lighter and reflects more of the blue/green undertones.

Sherwin Williams Equivalent of Stonington Gray

A lot of people ask me for Sherwin William’s equivalents of my favorite paint colors, Stonington Gray included.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray nursery walls with animal map print
BM Stonington Gray Nursery

My answer is always to pick the color you like then get it mixed in the brand of your choice.

So, if you want to use Stonington Gray all you have to do is go to the Sherwin Williams store and ask them to mix up Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray for you.

They have access to all the color codes in their computers and can color match to their own brand of paints. I do this all the time (except for white paint colors, which don’t color match well!).

Stonington Gray in a bright bedroom with lots of natural light and fresh flowers on the nightstand

Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides real paint samples that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

Final Thoughts on Stonington Gray

If you are looking for a modern, medium-toned gray that’s a little on the cooler side then Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray is for you. Regardless of if you’re building a new home or reviving a fixer upper, this shade can look flawless! I love it throughout my home and definitely recommend it.

If you’re still on the fence, then read more about Gray Owl for a lighter, fresher gray. And for a gray that universally works anywhere, consider Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

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  1. Redoing my house. My kitchen cabinets are going to be BM Classic Gray and a walnut island. Was going to paint my walls same Classic Gray. I would like to paint my Dining Room and Living Room Stonington Gray but with Classic Gray trim. Do you think that combo would work? I’m looking to tone down my moldings. Tired of the white outlines. Or I was going to paint everything Classic Gray, ceilings white dove, and bookcase Witching Hour or something dark.

    1. Hi Mary Lou – I would not pair those two colors together. Classic Gray is warm and Stonington Gray is cool with a blue undertone. They do not work together. I would keep the walls significantly lighter if you’re doing the trim Classic Gray….perhaps taking Classic Gray and lightening it by 50% would give you still enough contrast (or like you said, keep it all classic gray for a more tone-on-tone look).

  2. Christine says:

    Would it work in a basement with recessed lighting?

    1. It depends on the temperature of your lighting and colors of your furniture, etc. I would definitely try a test sample first so that you can ensure it doesn’t look too blue!

  3. Would stonington gray work in my dining room which is open to the living room which is pained pale oak ??

    1. Jenna Shaughnessy says:

      Hi Valerie – that’s mixing a warm color with a cool gray so it might look a little funky

    2. What colour of trim/baseboards would work with Stonington?