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Sherwin Williams Eider White (SW 7014) is an off-white paint color with subtle gray undertones. It’s a great choice to use for brightening up darker rooms without being overly harsh or cold.

Sherwin Williams Eider White paint swatch

Even though undertones can be tricky with this paint color, it’s versatile and a great option to use in areas with little to no natural light to help brighten up the space!

What Color is Sherwin Williams Eider White?

I would consider Sherwin Williams Eider White more of a very light gray paint color rather than white. It is hard to tell looking just at swatches online, but when looking at the paint strip in person, it falls directly below Repose Gray, making it the lighter version of that color.

Formal dining room with walls painted Eider White
Contemporary Dining Room in Eiden White via Houzz

Eider White would work as an all-around wall color, but many people are often deterred because of its undertones and how it presents in certain lighting.

Sometimes you can see its purple undertones (which make it feel cool), but in other lighting, you can see more of a very slight pinkish/taupe undertone (which can make it feel warmer).

Still, I think it’s an interesting color that deserves a second look.

What is The LRV of SW Eider White?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is an indicator of the amount of light that is reflected by a color when it is illuminated by a light source. A higher value (closer to 100) means that a color will reflect more light back at you, and a lower value (closer to 0) indicates that a color will appear darker or absorb more light. 

Sherwin Williams Eider White has an LRV of 73, putting it firmly in the white to off-white family.

Is Eider White a Warm or Cool Color?

It may be difficult to tell because of its sometimes tricky undertones, but Sherwin Williams Eider White is slightly warm color.

Large living room with view of dining room and kitchen island and walls painted SW Eider White
Living & Dining Room in Eiden White via Elements of Style

If you choose to use this warm white color in an area with large south-facing windows, the color will appear less pigmented, and it may come through as a really light greige color.

Alternatively, if your room doesn’t get a lot of light or perhaps has shadows cast from trees or other obstructions outdoors, the color may show itself warmer, making that pink undertone more apparent. North facing rooms tends to work a bit better with this color.

What Are The Undertones of Eider White?

The undertones are why many people choose to stay away from Eider White. It has grey undertones, but in general, a grey paint color will have a blue/purple undertone that will make it seem cool or a red/brown undertone that will make it seem warm.

Farmhouse style bedroom with walls painted SW Eider White
Bedroom in Eider White via Brittany York

Sherwin Williams Eider White has a very slight pink undertone which can show up in certain lighting situations, so the best way to ensure you’ll like the shade is to paint a swatch in your space.

With Repose Gray being my favorite paint color of all time, I assumed the undertones of Eider White would be similar. Unfortunately, while those pinkish taupe undertones are rarely evident in Repose Gray, they can be very obvious in Eider White.

Where Can You Use Eider White?

Eider White is a type of paint color that you can use in many different places in your home. It works well in bedrooms, dining rooms, the living room, and bathrooms.

It’s a popular choice for reading nooks and on kitchen cabinets. Plus, it’s a good choice for many other spots in your house too.

How Does Light Affect Eider White?

I mentioned this already, but since the way light falls on this paint color can really change the appearance quite significantly, it’s worth saying again. If you paint a room with this color with lots of natural light and windows facing south, the color might look less strong and more like a very light greige.

On the other hand, if the room is usually dark or has shadows because of trees or other things outside, the color might seem warmer and you might notice a pinkish hint more.

Is Eider White a Good Exterior Paint Color?

Eider White can be used as an exterior color, but whether it’s a good choice depends on a few things. It’s a light, neutral shade, which means it won’t absorb as much heat as darker colors. This can be beneficial in warmer climates.

However, Eider White has a slight undertone that might become more noticeable in different lighting conditions, appearing more gray or having a faint pink hue.

Before choosing it for an exterior, it’s a good idea to test how the color looks throughout the day as the lighting changes. This will help you see if it fits the look you want for your home’s exterior.

Coordinating Paint Colors

Eider White goes well with many colors. Dark grays make it stand out more, while crisp whites can make your space look brighter and cleaner.

If you want something fun, try blues or greens. Browns also work nicely with Eider White, making the room feel cozy and warm.

These colors can help you get just the look you want!

If I Have Eider White Walls, What White Trim Color Will Look Best?

A white color is always a safe bet for trim. Since Sherwin Williams Eider White is a warmer paint color, I would consider Sherwin Williams Extra White as a trim color.

Another excellent choice for Eider White is Sherwin Williams High Reflective White.

Real Room Examples

Sherwin Williams Eider White kitchen cabinets
Eider White Cabinets via Architectural Digest
white bathroom with tiled shower and gold accent finishes
Bathroom in Eider White via Decor Pad
Entryway with double large black doors and walls painted Sherwin Williams Eider White
Eider White in Entryway via M House Development

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

sherwin williams eider white vs alabaster paint swatches

Alabaster is a unique combination of warm and cool that works in virtually every environment. It works easily in all lighting situations.

In contrast, Sherwin Williams Eider White is a tricky color that can be difficult to match and is not as versatile as Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Alabaster is more of a creamy white, while Eider White is a taupe-grayish white.

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Sherwin Williams Incredible White

Eider White vs Incredible White paint swatch side-by-side comparison

Sherwin Williams Incredible White has a comparable LRV to Eider White at 74 which means it’s also very light, but it has warmer undertones. Both of these colors are part of the Living Well collection which are colors curated specifically by Sherwin Williams to create a sense of warmth and coziness.

Eider White and Incredible White are pretty similar. They’re right next to one another on the paint strip. The most significant notable difference is that Incredible White is warmer than Eider White.

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice

Eider White vs Crushed Ice paint swatch side-by-side comparison

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice is very similar in its undertones and versatility to Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, which is a favorite color of mine.

Eider White and Crushed Ice look very similar on paint swatches, but Crushed Ice leans slightly warmer, with a hint of green, and is more pigmented than Sherwin Williams Eider White.

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Eider White vs Agreeable Gray paint swatch side-by-side comparison

Agreeable Grey is more of a true greige, which means its undertones are both beige and grey. It is a great neutral warm paint color, but both Agreeable Gray and Eider White will heavily depend on how much natural lighting is available in the spaces in which it’s used.

Agreeable Gray is considerably darker than Eider White. If you’re looking for more color saturation, then Agreeable Gray is a better choice.

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White

Eider White vs Aesthetic White paint swatch side-by-side comparison

Aesthetic White is a warmer paint color than Eider White and would more easily fit into the greige category.

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Sherwin Williams Oyster White

Eider White vs Oyster White paint swatch side-by-side comparison

Despite its name, Sherwin Williams Oyster White is a greige and not an off-white paint color. It can be either warm or cool depending on the other colors it’s paired with.

Oyster White is slightly darker than Eider White but similar in its warmth creaminess. However, Oyster White does not have that slightly pinkish/taupey undertone making it an easier color to work with in your home.

Don’t Forget To Always Use Real Paint Samples!

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides peel and stick paint samples made with real paint, that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

Final Thoughts

Sherwin Williams Eider White is quite a paint color for a very specific taste. It won’t work in every room of every home, but may be the right color for you if you’re ok with that pink undertones that can become apparent.

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