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Planning and decorating for this nursery was such an exciting time and I’m so glad that I was able to finish it just in time for baby boy to arrive! I hope you find tons of inspiration to transform your own nursery into a dreamy blue and white space for your little one. 

A full source list is included at the bottom of the post as well as “shop the post” images throughout.

How to Start Creating a Blue and White Nursery

This timeless color combination is the perfect setting for a calm and serene space for both baby boy or little girl. The color blue is known to be relaxing and inviting, making it a great choice for your nursery. 

Nursery with closet door open

If you’re going to bring in a darker shade of blue, I’d recommend painting just one accent wall, like I did for my first born’s navy and gray bedroom.  Adding in whites and light grays will help neutralize the environment and create a soothing area for your little one. 

One of the great things about this color palette, is that it lends itself to a variety of different themes you can choose from. Whether it be coastal charm, minimalistic, traditional, or a touch of elegance, you can’t go wrong with a blue and white nursery.

While I didn’t really have a “theme” for this nursery, I kept everything very clean and simple. 

Wooden star and artwork

I’ve wanted a bright white room for the longest time and this is for the sure the perfect room for it. I instantly knew that my favorite Sherwin Williams white would make the perfect white walls alongside the nursery wallpaper I picked out.

And to play off of all that wonderful sunlight shining in, I kept the window treatments to white curtains, too. 

Choosing Wallpaper

If you followed the progress on Instagram (I shared everything since the beginning!) you’ll know that the inspiration for this nursery started with this pretty blue and white wallpaper from Serena & Lily.

Artwork over the crib

Adding an accent wall to any room can help create a focal point within the space, however, I think finding a playful print will immediately turn the room into the nursery of your dreams. 

Don’t be discouraged, applying wallpaper isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you follow a few simple steps that I took, you’ll have a beautiful accent wall in no time. 

With SO many options, both prints and textures, on the market, you’re bound to find the perfect one to match your nursery theme. 

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I love that this print isn’t your typical blue and white stripes design, but rather gives the room a more modern feel. 

Coordinating Furniture

Since this room gets amazing light all day long, I decided that white furniture with touches of natural wood was the way to go when choosing furniture. 

The baby’s crib is the same one Cian used until he was three and transitioned to a big boy bed. It was originally mahogany along the bottom, so I sanded the finish off to get the natural wood look that I wanted. It was a quick project that saved me having to buy a crib to match (not that I would have!).

Nursery back wall with curtains and glider

Looking across the room, you can see more of the natural wood paired with the new white glider. If you are looking for a glider, I highly recommend this one. It was custom made through Wayfair and comes in a huge variety of colors.

It’s really comfortable and just as good quality as others that I’ve seen for twice the price.  While the white does make me a little nervous, it’s what I wanted and I did scotch-guard it to hopefully keep the stains at bay. 

On the opposite side of the room, I kept the dresser that was originally in the guest room. It’s completely empty right now since the baby’s closet system has more than enough storage. But eventually, I’m sure it will get used. 

White dresser with books and decorative objects on top

I also brought the white changing table that used to be in Conor’s room in here and just purchased a new changing mat cover and new storage baskets to store diapers and wipes. 

Organized changing table

The Right Lighting

When considering lighting for your nursery, you’ll want to think about the calming ambiance you’ll want to create for a soothing space for baby. 

Make sure to add at least one floor or table lamp near the area you’ll be rocking your little one to sleep—dimmable wall sconces would work, too. 

This gold floor lamp is actually one of my favorite things I purchased for the room. I found it on Amazon for less than $100. It’s sturdy and just really beautiful!

White nursery rocking chair with gold lamp and blue pillow and foot stool

I decided to switch out the ceiling light with this light fixture. I spent more on this that I usually would – but I did get it on sale for 30% off. Saying that, I would buy it again in a second. We have 7.5 foot ceilings up here so flushmounts are essential and this one is the perfect size, style and color. 

Beaded light fixture in nursery

Adding Details

Once you have your walls painted and furniture in place, it’s time to really bring your baby’s room together with all those special touches. 

Mobile hanging over the crib

Here is where the room started to warm up with a touch of personality. Since I didn’t have a specific theme, adding in small details like wooden trains, a couple art prints on the walls, and decorative pillows and blankets helped bring it all together. 

Bookshelves hanging on the wall next to the rocking chair

The round footstool was actually the very first thing I purchased for the nursery (knowing that whatever wallpaper I decided on would be blue and white, too) and is from Target. 

The bedding is very simple and keeping to my white theme – white crib skirt, white sheet and a neutral crib mobile from Pehr Designs. Don’t worry – the stuffed animals and throw pillow are only for decoration. When baby starts sleeping in here for real, they’ll be removed!

A teddy bear sitting on top of a crib

How amazing are these framed prints? They are actually the lyrics from Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” and are so sweet and touching when you think about them in relation to a new life. 

Nursery with serena and lily wallpaper and white crib

I can’t take credit for the idea, as I was inspired by Kelley Nan’s beautiful gender neutral nursery. While I did chose different lyrics, the idea as well as the frames used are from her. I had the prints custom designed by this Etsy Shop and split over two prints. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

I came across this little basket at Target and had to have it. The pom poms had me instantly! 

Coastal nursery decor that will work for either a baby boy or girl. Simple, bright and the perfect room for them to grow into!

I decided to bring in more natural wood in both the toys and side table as well as the DIY book ledges that only took me 30 minutes to make!

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Everything fits perfectly in this little corner to ready and rock our baby to sleep.

Side table with wooden train set, baby book and wooden rattle toy

The animal prints were in Cian’s room in our first house and I was so happy to bring them out again. They are adorable and really perfect for a nursery!

Nursery decorations on dresser

Incorporating Other Colors

While the main color scheme for this nursery are blue and white, it’s important to find a little balance in the whole design by brining in some other colors. 

I chose to include some grey and gold throughout the room to add a little more warmth and personality.

I stole the little lamp from my office because it tied all the gold touches together perfectly but it was originally a HomeGoods find.

Truck book ends with baby board books

Most times, you’ll find that books, other toys, and other nursery decor will lend themselves to the room design as well, for a more playful feel. I also brought in a couple small green plants for a pop of added color. 

Another great way to incorporate other colors is with a fun area rug. I chose one with neutral colors because I wanted to keep this room bright and white, but feel free to add some color on the floor. 

Changing table with baskets for organization

Final Thoughts

This modern nursery makeover was several months in the making but it did get done before baby’s arrival! I was about 37 weeks pregnant and could barely walk so being able to check that off the list and finally say it was done was amazing. 

So what do you think? I can’t believe how this room transformed! It’s so light and bright…and I’m a little jealous that it’s not mine! My vision came to life exactly how I wanted. While this room was for our baby boy, this simple blue and white color scheme works perfectly for a gender-neutral nursery as well. 

NURSERY SOURCE LIST (click on picture for more info)

Wall color: Sherwin Williams Pure White in matte finish (try a sample)
Trim: Sherwin Williams Pure White in satin finish

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  1. CJD..Sign says:

    Oh, Such a beautiful room for the baby!
    I love the colors and the softness!
    Just simply beautiful!

  2. Just curious how the white has held up to the wear and tear or life with kids. My walls and floors are constantly under attack from little hands and messes. We’re repainting our whole house soon, and I want to make sure that the paint and colors we choose can easily be cleaned and stand up to heavy duty abuse by a house full of children. We have 6 ages 12 to 1. I love the look of bright white, but I am afraid it would look old and marked up quickly.

    1. I’m not sure I would do white in my main living areas for this reason, but we only sleep in our bedrooms so it has not been an issue!

  3. Chantell Toure says:

    First and foremost Congratulations on the new little guy. May you have a smooth delivery and no complications for you or the baby 🙏🏾. This is just AMAZING how you tied this room together. Its so bright and beautiful. Enjoy your bonding time 🥰😊💙 #boymom

  4. Really beautiful, I enjoyed. What a exciting time! Enjoy every minute