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Stop staring at that big blank wall and do something about it! I’ve always found that decorating a large empty wall doesn’t have to be overwhelming – there are so many great ways to add your unique style and personality!

Wondering how to decorate a new home? Chances are, you might be left with large blank wall you are just stumped with what to do. Here are some of my favorite design ideas to turn your blank canvas into a stunning focal point.

1. Large Scale Art

I love the impact that large-scale artwork can have in a space. Large art like this is a great option to decorate a large wall over a couch, and can be purchased (or DIYed) in many different sizes to accommodate your couch size and ceiling height.

large scale over over a couch in a living room
Large scale art over the couch / Red Ledges Project via Studio McGee

I believe that using a large piece of art to break up that large wall is a classic and versatile touch to any home. It gives you the opportunity to really channel your individual taste and style.

If you are feeling particularly creative (or brave!) you could even try DIY art and purchase a blank canvas. Let your creativity speak and create you own abstract art!

A gallery wall is one of my favorite ways to showcase a collection of memories and art. It’s a creative way to break up a large wall in any room. Extra-large frames that create an (almost) floor-to-ceiling design look high-end and stylish.

large wall with black and white photos
Gallery wall via Jenna Sue Design Co.

I like to stick to frames with large mats and choose photos with a cohesive color palette. This is a popular choice among interior designers to add visual interest and personal style to your entire room.

Collect as many pieces as you see fit and choose your arrangement. For ease of planning lay all your pieces out on a flat surface before hand and plan where they look best.

Extra large frames that create an (almost) floor to ceiling design look high end and stylish. Stick to frames with large mats and choose photos with a cohesive color scheme, or print the photos in black and white.

staircase gallery wall of landscape art.

By the way, if you mess up hanging that gallery wall on the first attempt, knowing the easiest way to fix a hole in the wall will come in handy!

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3. Incorporate Large Mirrors

large floor mirror fills up an empty wall in a living room
A large floor mirror in an open plan living room via Chrissy Marie Blog
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Adding a large mirror or even several mirrors is an excellent way of adding interest to a wall without a massive commitment.

This is a particularly good choice for a room which needs an injection of light as natural mirrors will reflect the light of the room and make it look more spacious, lighter and brighter.

Floor mirrors are a perfect wall decoration idea for a narrow space where you can’t add a piece of furniture. If you have tall ceilings – the bigger the mirror, the better! Make it a statement piece so that it looks intentional in your space, and not an after thought.

large round mirror over a console table
Create a vignette with a large mirror, a console table and accessories via The Blooming Nest

If you have space to accomodate a console table, a round mirror flanked with a lamp, artwork or vase is the perfect way to accessorize a bare wall (and give you extra storage , too!)

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What’s fun about choosing mirrors is you can go upscale and choose something expensive and regal-looking, or you could go in an entirely opposite direction and channel your inner eco-chick by DIYing your own floor mirror!

4. Picture Frame Moulding

Adding millwork to your large wall is a really clever way to break up the wall while adding a refined and expensive looking touch.

living space with picture frame moulding behind the TV console
DIY picture frame moulding breaks up a large wall behind the console table.

Picture frame moulding is my one of personal favorite ways to add interest to a large wall. It adds just enough texture to eliminate the “boring” but by painting it the same color as the wall, it doesn’t detract from the rest of the surroundings.

Wainscoting, picture frame moulding, board and batten and even shiplap have become such a popular trend for homes and really transform a standard ‘builder grade’ room into a luxe, well designed one!

long hallway with board and batten and artwork on the walls.

These can be done by virtue of DIY if you are on a budget and transform your space with minimal cost. They look amazing painted in the same color as the wall but also look really beautiful with a contrasting color – the options are endless!

5. Board and Batten

Dining space with beefy floor to ceiling board and batten accent wall
Board and batten accent wall via Caitlin Marie Design

Board and batten is another inexpensive way to add interest to a large, blank wall.

This is such a popular choice for many homes and I understand why – it’s can be a relatively cheap and easy way to really transform a large room and creates an expensive, well styled look which will last in terms of style and quality.

It’s also a very beginner friendly DIY project. If you can cut a straight line with a saw, you’ll be able to knock this out in an afternoon!

6. Layer it Up

dining space with rattan baskets hanging on the wall
Basket Wall via Studio McGee

Layering different textures can be a really fun and creative way to style a large wall and is also a great way to add some color and dimension to a space. I’ve seen this done successfully in every room of the house, including in kitchens!

dining room wall with plates hanging on it and a round dining table

To create a fun three dimensional layered look try assembling different items such as rattan and wicker baskets, macrame pieces, embroidery items and even hanging plates and assemble them to your style and taste. This can be done easily on a budget by thrifting items.

black console table with layered mirror, artwork and table lamp
Black console table available at Target

The layering concept also works really well on a console table. Layer artwork, and other decorative objects for a high end look.

7. Bold Paint Color

black accent wall

If you are looking to make a statement and you really love the idea of using a bold color, this is the one for you! Using a bold color on a large wall acts as a wonderful statement but also breaks up that super bare wall.

You get the best of both worlds – the ability to dip your toes into a wild color without the need for a commitment to color the whole room. Try a bold rusty orange or a bold, earthy green for a real trendy aesthetic.

8. Wallpaper

coastal-inspired wallpaper accent wall

What is so wonderful about wallpaper is the array of patterns and textures available. There really is a style and aesthetic for everyone’s taste. Using wallpaper is simple, affordable and most importantly effective in breaking up that super large wall!

couch in front of a wall with large-scale floral print wallpaper.

Hanging wallpaper is not difficult, either, once you follow a few simple tips.

Choose a textured floral print, geometric print or play with a pop of color – what would you choose?

9. Greenery

Calling all aspiring plant moms! If you have the green touch and simply love the aesthetic and joy that plants bring your home, why not create a living plant wall?

living plant wall

You could choose to create a propagation station, hang beautiful hanging plants from shelving or even delve into creating a living wall by growing your plants and fixing their leaves to follow the path you choose over the wall.

vertical plant holder

Of course, you could also fake it with some realistic faux plants or something relatively un-killable like succulents!

If you’re looking to decorate a large wall in your kitchen, how about incorporating this idea with some fresh herbs? Food for thought, perhaps?!

Final Thoughts

While I bet you already thought of art or a gallery wall for decorating your large, blank wall – hopefully now you’ve got some other creative ideas that will help you.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas figure out exactly what will work for that blank canvas in your home! Incorporate a wallpapered wall with a large mirror or layered console table decor. Or a bold accent color with board and batten or picture frame moulding.

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