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Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams (SW 7030) is a saturated yet soft warm greige color that offers the warmth of both beige tones and a sense of coolness from the gray tones. You really have to search for undertones in this paint color, they are often hard to find.

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray swatch

This is a very versatile paint color that can be used in your living room to your bathroom, on kitchen cabinets, and even on the exterior of your home. It’s among one of my favorite greige colors and can enhance the color scheme in your own home!

What Color is Anew Gray?

Anew Gray falls somewhere between a gray and a beige. Not really landing on either side of the fence, yet somewhere in the middle. This gray looks muddy and often beige, and is often classified as a mushroom paint color.

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What is The LRV?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is an indicator of the amount of light that is reflected by a color when it is illuminated by a light source. A higher value (closer to 100) means that a color will reflect more light back at you and a lower value (closer to 0) means that a color will appear darker, or absorb more light. 

This paint color has an LRV of 47, meaning it is a light-medium shade of gray.

Is it a Warm or Cool Color?

This color tends to lean more toward a warm color. When you compare it to cream it tends to look cooler.

With the beige undertones, I would not consider it a “true” gray.

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What Are The Undertones?

When it comes to undertones, Anew Gray is pretty neutral with beige and gray undertones.

There are no strong unwanted undertones, but some purple undertones can be present depending on the light.

Does Anew Gray Look Brown?

While the color sample makes Anew Gray look brown, it doesn’t appear that way on walls. It does have a beige/brown undertone but not enough to actually call it a brown color. I would describe it as a greige or almost mushroom color.

If I’m using this paint color on my walls, what white trim color will look best?

Sherwin Williams Pure White is a safe bet for all shades of greige. It’s a bright white with just a smidge of warmth so it never looks cold.

It looks great with all wall colors, but it’s especially the correct choice if the color is warm.

Would You Recommend Anew Gray on Exterior of Home?

Anew Gray is an amazing choice for the exterior of your home. It looks amazing paired with white trim.

Exterior of home painted with SW Anew Gray
White trim with Anew Gray main body color from SW

Keep in mind colors look very different when going from the interior of a home to the exterior. The abundance of light present outside means colors will look light and a lot less saturated. If you find Anew Gray too dark indoors, it may just be the perfect color for your exterior.

Anew Gray Complimentary Colors

Similarly to Agreeable Gray, this is a paint color that plays well with others. It’s up there as one of the perfect not “too light” and not “too dark” colors.

Some great colors to pair it with are SW Pure White, SW Incredible White, SW Alabaster and SW Creamy. If you want to do a darker accent wall, it pairs well with SW Keystone Gray. You can also incorporate it with brighter colors such as the SW Sea Salt paint color that’s a popular choice for a beachy color palette.

anew gray coordinating color swatches

Real Room Examples

There’s nothing quite like seeing a paint color in action in real homes!


Do you love this paint color on these kitchen cabinets? I am obsessed. It’s especially stunning paired with high ceilings and lots of natural light.

SW Anew paint color used on kitchen cabinets

This space feels warm and full of character, thanks to the warm tones present in the cabinets, floors and the brass hardware.

Living Room

I’m loving all the neutral colors with pops of gold this homeowner used. The best way to avoid a dark room is to pair with a white paint color trim like done below.

Living room painted with sw anew gray paint
Living Room Painted with SW Anew Gray by Driven By Decor

With the neutral palette of this paint color, it’s the perfect blank canvas for the rest of this living space to shine. This warm gray blends perfectly with the decor and gives off an elegant look.


In this darker room, Anew Gray’s beige tones become much more apparent and it brings a much moodier vibe.

Bedroom wall and trim painted with  SW Anew Gray
Anew Gray on walls and trim in a bedroom by Lisa McDougald Design. Rachael Boling Photography.

The tone-on-tone look of the same color on both window casings and crown also bring the beige to the fore as there’s no white to pop against. I love that they have a lot of natural light coming in through the window. This helps balance Anew Gray.


Another great place to use Anew Gray is for a bathroom paint color.

Bathroom painted in SW Anew Gray
Master bathroom in Anew Gray from Honey We’re Home Blog

Notice that pairing the paint color with the warmer tile and the bright whites brings out more of the gray in the walls. I’ll be using this as my latest inspiration when dreaming up new bathroom plans!

Which is Better – Agreeable Gray or Anew Gray?

These two colors Anew Gray (SW 7030 ) and Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) fall right next to one another on the color strip. Plus, they’re both pretty popular paint colors!

a new gray vs agreeable gray paint swatch

At first sight, these two have very similar tones, however, Agreeable Gray has an LRV of 60 making it a much lighter version than its neighbor. It’s no doubt that Agreeable Gray is a best selling color, but both are a good choice in the right circumstances. Both can lean more like a gray paint color or beige depending on the room and furnishings.

If you are looking for something a little brighter Agreeable gray would be a good choice. If you want a little more saturation of color, Anew Gray may be more suited.

Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides real paint samples that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

Final Thoughts

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray is a gorgeous, soft-warm greige color that can lean more gray in some lights and more beige in others. It has minimal other undertones, making it a popular choice for interior design and exterior spaces! It can make a room feel comforting and serene.

If you like Agreeable Gray but want more of a dark color with substance and saturation in your paint color, then this may be a great choice for you!

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