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Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore (OC-65) is a bright neutral white paint color. This color is perfect for trim details, base moldings, cabinets, walls, and exteriors. It’s easy to see why it is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular white paint colors!

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace paint swatch

When trying to find the right white paint color, the hardest part is that they aren’t all 100% pure white, and most have subtle undertones. There are warm whites, cool whites, and those, like Chantilly Lace, that fall into the neutral white category, with neither a warm nor cool undertone.

Before you start applying a few coats of paint to your walls, let’s break down exactly how this color stacks up. If you are looking for a bright, crisp, white paint color, this might be the best paint color for you!

What Color is Chantilly Lace OC-65?

Chantilly Lace is a pure white color with no inherent undertones of gray, beige, or yellow. It has a clean, crisp look that pairs well with many other colors for your interior paint job.

It can be confusing since Benjamin Moore has two numbers for Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is both OC-65 and 2121-70. Benjamin Moore includes Chantilly Lace in their Color Preview Collection and the Off-White Collection.

They are the same paint color just a different number.

Vertical Paneled Entry Accent Wall 
 painted with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. A simple wooden table with potted plant and round mirror.
DIY Vertical-Paneled Entry Accent Wall Chantilly Lace via Making Home Pretty

What is The LRV of Chantilly Lace?

LRV in paint colors stands for Light Reflectance Value, and it measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. The LRV of Chantilly Lace is 92.2, which means it reflects a lot of light and can make a space feel bright and airy. This LRV value also means Chantilly Lace is Benjamin Moore’s brightest white.

Bright living room with tons of natural light from windows that are painted with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. A white comfy chair in the corner next to a lamp and side table.
Living Room Painted With Chantilly Lace From Benjamin Moore via Endlessly Elated

Is Chantilly Lace a Warm or Cool Color?

This is a tough one to answer! The undertones are so slight, it doesn’t fall far in either category. This color is a clean white, so it is more impacted by its environment than anything else.

It isn’t a cool white, since there are no blue or green undertones, but won’t turn yellow with warmth either.

a living room with a brown couch and blue decor that has walls painted in color chantilly lace
Chantilly Lace Plank Walls and Ceiling via Four Generations One Roof

What Are The Undertones of BM Chantilly Lace?

Chantilly Lace is a really nice crisp white paint color, with minimal undertones. There’s really not too much else to say!

Do note that cool, northern light can create that slight gray/blue cast that we inherently get with bright whites. Warmer light, along with direct sunlight, will soften it, without bringing out any creamy undertones.

Does Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Look Yellow?

No! There are no traces of yellow undertone with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, making it easy to use in various spaces. Unlike Sherwin William’s Alabaster, Sherwin William’s Pure White, or Benjamin Moore’s Decorator White, no matter what side of the home this paint is applied to, you won’t see any yellow hues poking through.

This white color is known for reminding you of fresh cotton and pure silk. No yellow tones there!

What Color Kitchen Cabinets Go Well with Chantilly Lace?

When choosing cabinet colors to complement Chantilly Lace walls, consider the following options based on your design preference and the overall mood you want to create in the space:

  1. Classic White: Pairing Chantilly Lace walls with white cabinets can create a seamless and cohesive look. For a subtle contrast, use Chantilly Lace on cabinets as well but in a different finish, like satin, while keeping the walls eggshell or matte.
  2. Soft Grays: Light gray cabinets can offer a gentle contrast to Chantilly Lace walls without overwhelming the space. A color like Benjamin Moore Gray Owl or Benjamin Moore Shoreline would work well.
  3. Navy or Deep Blue: For a bolder statement, dark navy or deep blue cabinets can look stunning against Chantilly Lace walls. This contrast creates a dynamic yet sophisticated look. Consider Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams Naval for a classic, deep blue.
  4. Greige or Taupe: Cabinets in greige or taupe bring warmth to the kitchen while maintaining a neutral palette. These colors complement Chantilly Lace walls by adding depth and warmth without clashing with the wall’s cool undertone. Look for shades like BM Revere Pewter or BM Edgecomb Gray.
  5. Wood Tones: Natural wood cabinets, whether light like maple or rich like walnut, add warmth and texture to a kitchen with Chantilly Lace walls. The natural elements contrast beautifully with the crisp white, creating an inviting and balanced space.
  6. Black or Charcoal: For a dramatic and modern look, consider black or charcoal cabinets. This creates a striking contrast with Chantilly Lace walls, perfect for a contemporary or minimalist design. Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty or BM Kendall Charcoal can offer this bold statement.

What White Trim Color Should I Pair with Chantilly Lace?

When doing white on white, keep the color the same. So if your walls are painted Chantilly Lace, the trim should be too. The key to making this work, and not look flat and 2 dimensional, is to use 2 different paint sheens.

Choose a flatter sheen for the wall – washable matte or eggshell paint, and then do satin or semi-gloss on the trim.

The shinier finish on the trim reflects more light back, making the color look lighter. It provides just enough contrast between the walls and the trim and you never have to worry about undertones clashing.

If white on white is too boring for you, consider white walls with a contrasting color on the trim. I love white walls with greige trim – it’s modern yet classic looking at the same time.

How Does Light Affect Chantilly Lace?

Keep in mind that because there are no prominent undertones, Chantilly Lace will pickup its surrounding colors. It’s very likely to reflect interior finishes, furniture, and accents.

Northern Light may in fact pick up some of the grayish blue cast that naturally comes in. Southern exposure will just warm up the tone, but still won’t compare to the warmness of a color like Bm White Dove or SW Alabaster.

For the most part, white paints will always have a tendency to take on colors from their surroundings. Because of this, light bulbs with a range of 3000 to 4000k tend to have the least impact. If you have a ton of greenery or bright pink rhododendrons out your window, don’t be surprised if your white walls take on some of that color.

BM Chantilly Lace vs BM Simply White

Both Chantilly Lace and Simply White are very popular whites when making your paint decision, both for walls and trim.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace versus Benjamin Moore Simply White swatch comparison

Simply White has an LRV of 91.7, making it fractionally less bright than Chantilly Lace.

However, Simply White has a yellow undertone, which is very apparent in the lower sheens and under incandescent light. Conversely, Chantilly Lace will never look yellow.

wall and trim in little boys bedroom painted BM Simply White with bed in the corner and book shelves on the other.
Walls painted in a matte finish with BM Simply White, while trim is painted in a satin sheen in the same color. Notice how it almost looks creamy in this east-facing room (photo taken late afternoon).

In a well-lit home, Simply White can be a beautiful white, and I know many who love it. But do be aware of that yellow undertone.

BM Chantilly Lace vs Sherwin Williams Extra White

Sherwin Williams Extra White is another very popular shade of bright white paint. With an LRV of almost 86, it’s a bit less bright than Chantilly Lace.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace versus Sherwin Williams Extra White swatch comparison

However, in those rooms with cooler, north-facing light, Chantilly Lace is less susceptible to blue undertones than SW Extra White.

Chantilly Lace vs Sherwin Williams High Reflective White

High Reflective White (HRW) is Sherwin Williams’ brightest white, however not all paint stores carry it. It’s slightly whiter than Chantilly Lace with an LRV of almost 93.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace versus Sherwin Williams High Reflective White swatch comparison.

Compared side to side, it definitely does look whiter.

Despite its brightness, HRW has just enough softness to it to stop it from ever feeling cold or blue, but it also doesn’t have any yellow undertones. It is just a bit warmer than Chantilly Lace, and a little less inclined to look blue/gray in cooler light.

If you have to pick Sherwin Williams paint because your painter won’t use Benjamin Moore products, then this is an excellent choice if you like the look of Chantilly Lace.

BM Chantilly Lace vs Sherwin Williams Pure White

Sherwin Williams Pure White is a bright white with slight yellow undertones. It has an LRV of 84, so much dimmer than Chantilly Lace.

SW Pure White would be ideal if you’re creating a warm and cozy environment. It’s definitely an inviting color without being overly creamy or dingy. It pairs very nicely with a modern blue, sage green, chestnut brown, and other earthy tones.

Overall, it’s just a warmer and more muted shade. If that’s your thing, then you’ll love it!

What Colors Coordinate Well with Chantilly Lace?

swatch of chantilly lace versus sherwin williams pure white

The best thing about Chantilly Lace is that since it is such a clean, neutral white, it pairs easily with many different options.

Personally, I love pairing Chantilly Lace with some other Benjamin Moore paint colors including Oxford Gray 2128-40, Hale Navy HC-154, Plymouth Rock-1543, Almost Black 2130-30, and Sage Wisdom CSP-775.

These are a great mix of neutrals with a few pops of color for richer hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is a clean white color, I don’t think it is too white at all! In my experience, it has never felt stark or too cold. The only way it might be overpowering is if you keep your furniture accessories too light, with no warmth brought into the space.

You can use Chantilly Lace for the ceiling too, or just use a basic off-the-shelf white. Just remember that ceiling paint should be a flat finish, unless you’re painting a bathroom ceiling in which case you’ll need the best ceiling paint for bathrooms.

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White is a great alternative if you must use a Sherwin Williams shade. However, white paint colors typically don’t match across brands.

Final Thoughts

Chantilly Lace gives you the perfect bright white color, especially for trim, doors, and casings. Interior designers all over use this as a go-to color.

It’s important to keep in mind that Chantilly Lace can look different in various lighting conditions. Just remember, if you’re using it on walls that it will be influenced by the environment. If you have a lot of greenery outside your window, it may be impacted by that. If you have bright red furniture in your home, your walls may look a little pink!

Before committing to this color, it’s a good idea to test a few paint samples on the walls of low-traffic areas and observe how it looks at different times of the day.

Additionally, because Chantilly Lace is a pure white color, it may scuff more easily. So, instead of using a matte finish try an eggshell if this is a concern to you.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect white paint color that’s truly white, crisp, and bright, then you will love Chantilly Lace.

Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides real paint samples that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

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